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We started out supporting Somerset county Council children's homes in 2010 so have over ten years experience, adapting our role to the needs as required by local social workers. We have a reputation for delivering first class support to children, young people and families. We never forget a child, If you ask us to work with them again a year or 2 later we will try our best to send a face they remember and remember their preferences. We are now working with Somerset, Dorset and Bournemouth councils to support in times of crisis and offer solutions. We have also worked with many private organisations (residential schools for young people with autism, supported housing for people living with mental health difficulties, Aster living) offering support when their staffing levels were low.


​Part of our core belief is that the most vulnerable children in society deserve the highest levels of care and support, helping them to access alternative education and building their confidence to trust those around them. We want to help children to be the best versions of themselves. Our services help young people to get back in to education, reduce placement breakdowns and provide support to families and long term homes for children and young people, developing independence and providing mentors they can talk to.


If you want to deal with the same person every time you ring, who will remember you and do their best to provide you with a good service, give us a ring.


"Thank you to you and the team for your support with this family – Your team were both great in really difficult circumstances. The parents were really positive about both workers. Thanks for being so patient with us when things were really chaotic. The children are all settling so far."


Ciara Ford

Social Worker

Safeguarding Team

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